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Rambunctious Visual Marketing 

I love a good story. I think everyone has one if you ask the right questions or you're curious enough to listen closely. I have been incredibly lucky to hear and tell hundreds of people's stories through my career as an award-winning journalist and video producer with PBS.


For me, video stories spark a fire. My own story of launching Rambunctious Visual Marketing sprang from my desire to expand my storytelling abilities. I spent years studying content strategy, photography and graphic design, and became a Managing Producer for a social media-forward brand initiative. I then spent another three years working for PBS in their marketing department, learning the ins and outs of campaign branding, promotional storytelling, and social media management. The road was long and windy and led me here, launching a brand that helps other entrepreneurs market their business strategically, authentically and successfully. 


I bring authentic storytelling to businesses on social media, cutting through the sea of templates that portray one type of person, one type of "happy", and one demographic. Your business is unique, your story is unique and I want to hear it. Others want to hear it too. Let's get out of the box, take off the filters and be real. The ups and downs, the good and bad.  It's time. Let's connect and tell our story a new way; I'm excited to walk  through it with you. 

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Bragging Rights 


  • Two-time Emmy Award-winning video producer

  • Producer for numerous national PBS programs 

  • Guest speaker for PBS conferences on social media growth 

  • Content Strategy Certification from University of Washington

  • Hootesuite Social Media Bootcamp certificate 

  • Clients include Washington State Hospital Association, Lange International Executive Coaching and World Showdown of E-sports 

  • Dedicated to supporting women-owned businesses 

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